Are those store brand products just not absorbent enough?

Total Loss of Bladder Control is not funny. How do you find what you really need to use? For yourself? For a parent? For a spouse? With all the choices out there, it can get way too confusing. This is why we have featured several products for you to review before you begin to plough through the hundreds of items available out there on the internet.We use our experience in the world of adult incontinence to help you in your dealing with your particular issue with incontinence. We are happy to recommend specific products for specific problems.

We will save you the many trips to the store and the embarrassment of searching aisles of products where no one has a clue as to what you are going through. Let us help. You will feel better.

If you suffer from incontinence, you probably already know how difficult it can be to find the right adult diapers for your needs. You want an adult diaper that is comfortable, absorbent and most of all discrete – so no one knows you are wearing them.

At Home Care Stock, we’ve seen a lot of adult diapers, mostly from our work in hospitals and nursing homes. We understand what works best. Adult diapers don’t have to be cheap, leaky or uncomfortable to wear.

So how do you find the best adult diapers for your needs? We’ve come up with some helpful tips we hope you’ll find useful!

  1. Don’t shop for adult diapers in grocery stores, drug stores or retail outlets like Walmart or Kmart. They often stock the most affordable brands and as we’ve discovered, many of these brands don’t offer the quality you’ll need. And there’s the embarrassment factor. No one wants to be seen buying an adult diaper!
  2. Find an online retailer that specializes in adult diapers and offers convenient online ordering. This will allow you to buy what you need without embarrassment. Also, buying from an online retailer that specializes in incontinence and related products, will give you the best chance of finding just the right products for your needs. Here on HCS you’ll find incontinence products provided by trusted retailers on the internet.
  3. Buy the best products you can afford. Spending a little more can often give you access to better quality, which you’ll appreciate when you have to wear them all day, everyday.
  4. Take your measurements to ensure the best fit and be sure to read the sizing charts to get just the right product for your size and weight. The better the fit, the better protection you’ll have from leaks and accidents and the more comfortable you will feel.

Stay Dry Today stocks a full line of adult diapers and incontinence products for all your needs including products that look and feel like real underwear. Visit our online store to see our selection of incontinent products and supplies and get the best adult diaper for your needs.

Diaper Brands Available on Home Care Stock

We carry the best diaper brands on the market, known best for their absorbency, comfort and leakage protection. You’re sure to find just the right product that works best for you and meets your individual needs. We understand that every individual and situation is different and unique, so we carry a wide range of diaper brands to ensure the best possible match for you or your loved one.

Some of the adult diaper brands we carry include:


Tailored fit, offering full coverage, super-absorbent for dry, healthy skin.

Available in:

  • Breathable Briefs
  • Extended Wear Breathable Briefs
  • Extra Absorbent
  • Underwear style
  • Waistband Briefs

Breezers by Prevail

Soft, breathable material, similar to real underwear for maximum comfort. Fast absorbency. Contains chamomille, aloe and vitamin E to keep skin soft and protected. Odor guard prevents odors


One of the most popular diaper brands, Stay Dry Today offers the maximum protection brief, which offers superior leakage protection and absorbency, while also offering comfort features including elastic leg openings and the ability to refasten later.


One of the few adult diaper brands that offer a “green”, washable diaper option, as well as a host of standard disposables. Stay Dry Today carries the following products from this brand:

  • Adult Reusable Briefs
  • Disposable Breathable Briefs
  • Disposable Premium Briefs
  • Vinyl Pants


Designed for those needing maximum incontinence protection. Better than most leading national diaper brands. Great overnight protection too!


Known for great fit, maximum absorption and superior comfort. This adult diaper brand is suitable for bladder and bowel movement protection.