Electric Stairlifts

One of the biggest problems facing the elderly or disabled is the ability to climb stairs. For some this is just difficult, others impossible. This does not have to be the case if an electric stairlift is installed in their house.

Stair chair lifts generally come in 2 models – A/C powered & battery operated. Both are designed for specific purposes to aid the mobility impaired.

A/C Powered Stairlift

A/C powered electric stairlifts run off the mains power in your house. If experiencing power outages is not an issue, then this could be the most suitable stair lift for you. If there is a mains power socket near the stairs, it can be used to power the stairlift. Alternatively, you can have an electrician install another plug if a spare one is not close to the stairs.

Battery Operated Stairlift

Battery operated stairlifts have no dependency on the mains power in the house. If there is a power outage, the user is still able to use the device as the battery mitigates this problem. When the battery operated electric stairlift is not in use, the battery will recharge.

One problem with battery operated stairlifts is the lifespan of the batteries. Generally you can expect to get between 18 and 24 months battery life. After the battery expires, you will have to purchase a new one, which will mean additional after market costs.

In summary, if you are concerned with 100% uptime, then the battery operated stairlift could be exactly what you are looking for. For most people though, standard A/C powered stairlifts do a great job and don’t require a battery to be periodically replaced.