Disability or handicap shouldn’t stop people from being mobile. It definitely shouldn’t be a reason for somebody to stay confined in a room or house and stop enjoying life. One of the challenges that handicaps and the elderly face everyday is how to tackle a staircase. However, this should not be a problem because a wide array of electric stair lifts is available in the market.

A stair lift can be referred to as an appliance especially where it is a necessity like homes, hospitals or institutions where physically challenged people frequent. This very functional mechanism allows one to move from one floor to another with ease.

There are factors to consider when buying a stair lift and one of these is how it is powered. There are two types: A/C-powered electric stair lifts and battery operated systems or BOS.

Advantages of an A/C-powered electric stair lift

Electric stair lifts are powered by the alternating current A/C that most household electrical outlets cover. This is particularly attractive to users who are located in areas that do not usually experience power outages. This kind of electric stair lift requires a dedicated plug within a few feet from the staircase.

A/C-ran stair lifts are very reliable since there is no expiring or failing battery to worry about. Most of all, cost of electricity consumption to operate one hardly impacts the expenses since it is negligible.

What about BOS?

Battery operated stair lifts have the primary advantage of being reliable whether there is a power outage or not. The batteries charge when the lift is not in use. Users need not worry that they wouldn’t be able to use it during power interruptions.

One very good thing too, about the BOS stair lifts is that its system allows soft start and stop, which are important considerations especially for those with lower back pain or injuries. It should be noted that batteries have expiration dates usually about 18 to 24 months after installation. This means additional costs in the future.

Electric stair lifts has proven its importance for easy access. Choosing one really depends on the individual considerations of the user. As long as the stair lift functions well, and the user is safe and mobile – the power source shouldn’t really be an issue.