A dumbwaiter is a small elevator that is used to transport heavy items from one floor to another floor. Usually, it is used to transport laundry, food or any heavy items. There are both commercial and residential versions available on the market.

Dumbwaiters For Homes

Usually, only multi-storied homes install dumbwaiters as they can transport heavy loads (depending on the model and manufacturer, they can carry as much as 3000 lbs). Also, the interior dimensions are varied as well. Most drumwaiter manufacturers do offer standard off the shelf models as well as customized versions though they cost more.

For example, the Express Dumb waiter by Amerglide can transport up to either 100 or 200 pounds at once and have custom sizes up to 30″ x 30″ x 36″.

How To Install A Dumb Waitor

Installation is usually done by the dumbwaitor manufacturer. Also nowadays, most dumbwaiters are electric powered.  20 years old, it used to consists of pulleys and rails and it can take time to install. Plus not forgetting the fact that maintenance is going to be a headache as there are many parts that could be worn off over time.

Today, electric powered dumbwaiters usually take only a day to install but that will depend mostly on your home interior and where you want it installed. Do note, most manufacturers require that a shaft has already been constructed before they can install it.If you are not sure, check with the manufacturer and they usually will provide contacts to a local contractor.

Dumbwaiter Cost

Dumbwaiter cost usually varies from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.  For example, previously i mentioned the express dumb waiter by Amerglide which cost $3679 including shipping. If you are looking to customized your dumwaiter, be prepared to pay a little bit more.

Below a video on dumbwaiters and its pros and cons.