Curved Stair Lift

If you are looking to install a stair lift for any elderly or handicapped members of your family, you may be worried about the shape of your stair case.

If your stair way changes direction at any point, or contains a gradual curve, a typical straight stair lift may be of no use. A curved stair lift may be your best solution.

Some companies will suggest that, if your stair has a simple turn containing a middle landing, they can install two straight lifts. This would require that the passenger change from one lift to the other, which may be difficult or even painful. A more practical alternative would be to install a curved stair lift which would follow the course of your stair way from top to bottom using a single track. Buying a curved stair lift may prove to be a more difficult task than for buying straight lifts but the overall benefits for your family members is clear to see.

Many stair lift companies do not offer curved stair lifts, so you may need to dig deeper in searching for a provider. However, there are still a number of companies; such as Stannah or Bruno, which will offer curved stair lift installations. A curved stair lift will also take more time to install, as they are made to measure individual stair cases. It is, therefore, difficult to find deals for reconditioned curved stair lifts, unless your stair case is an exact match to another that had one fitted.

A curved stair lift is also going to be more expensive, often more so than the cost of fitting two straight stair lifts. In many cases fitting straight lifts may be a better option to a curved stair lift but this is not always going to be best for you, as your family members may not be able to easily cope with the process of changing chairs. A curved stair lift will let you get around the difficulties of more intricate stair cases so you can provide full mobility for your family, easily outweighing the extra efforts that come with it.