Stairlift can be the solution for your long time worry. The grandparents have trouble climbing up those stairs to reach to their room and you have been able to do nothing about it? I guess, in fact, I am sure Stairlift is the answer.

This lift is used for lifting people up and down the stairs. During the 1930s the stairlift was first introduced and at those times it was used only for the polio affected people.

These lifts can be adjusted in size, seatbelt and height also. There are different types of stairlifts such as, Straight rail for homes and private properties which has traditional tracks. Curved rail Stairlifts are designed for particular curved staircases and many other like that.

The switches are for controlling the stairlift are mostly in the arm of the lift. You can even manage the speed in which it will go up and come down, which generally termed as “soft”. It is very safe to use.