When buying a stairlift there are many attributes and options made available from businesses. It is important to be able to make the best decision as to which can be the greatest stairlift for your specific needs to understand the advantages of such attributes and options.

Below is just a summary of alternatives & characteristics which can be offer by the greater stairlift organizations.

Powered Swivel Seat

Each time a stairlift reaches the utmost effective landing it should contain a manual swivel seat that allows the seat to turn into the landing making it safer for the consumer to dismount. In the place of making use of ones legs and hips to turn the seat by hand, the choice allows the seat to turn automatically.

The footrest is allowed by powered Footrest Raiser This

to be folded away with no need to bend down. That is of special advantage to wheelchair users who have to affect a transfer from wheelchair to stairlift seat.

Remote Controls

They’re hand-held controls for calling or sending the stairlift from the place. Very helpful for attendants or in cases where there was a lot more than one user.

LED Diagnostic Read Out

This gives an LED to the consumer read out fault analysis and indicating such information as battery use.

Joystick Controls

As opposed to ordinary push button controls placed on the arms of a stairlift, joystick controls are much simpler to make use of especially for all those users who could have arthritic fingers.

Adjustable Chair Height

An adjustable chair height enables the stairlift to be placed at a height in accordance with the height of the user. If the chair height is too low it may be quite hard for a user to get off the seat and right into a standing position.

Powered Hinged Rail

If the stairway starts very near to a doorway the rail will present a tripping hazard. To overcome this danger the railing may be split up and hinged permitting it to fold upwards and away from the doorway. This alternative may also be performed by hand but ought to be prevented because of the evident difficulty in lifting and bending down.

Key Switch

A key switch enables the stairlift to be powered down. If you will find children in the home this really is particularly of use.

Durable Stairlifts

Most stairlifts are rated to have a maximum load of 120kg (19stone). Some stairlift organizations give you a high quality stairlift with a load rating of 160kg (25 stone). Such stairlifts also needs to provide a much wider seat with additional railroad support legs and re-enforced rollers.