You may be trying to decide on the best stair lift for you to install in your building. It may be that you need only look to the common chair lift.

Installing a chair lift is an easy way of dramatically increasing the mobility of the elderly or handicapped between floors where an elevator may be impractical or difficult to install. There are a numerous types of chair lift available to anyone looking to install one in their building but who may be worried that the layout of their stairs would make this impossible.

A typical chair stair lift will be an electric powered chair guided by a rail or track which is fixed to your flight of stairs. The chair will either be pulled along the rail using a cable or chain, or will use a rack and pinion system to drive the chair upwards. Most of the companies that specialize in stair lifts; such as Stannah, will offer a series of additions in order to ensure maximum comfort and safety for the passengers of your chair lift; such as seatbelts, rotating and adjustable seats as well as the option to operate the lift by remote control. With other options such as foldable chairs or covered rails your chair lift need not be an obstruction to other people.

No matter what shape your stair case takes be assured that it will not be an issue in having a chair lift installed. Whilst straight stair ways will obviously require a simple, straight chairlift, manufacturers also provide curved rail stair lifts, which are specially designed to fit your stairs. Installation of both these lift types is for the most part a trouble free process, although a curved chair lift will understandably be slightly more difficult. If you are unsure of what chair lift your stairs will require, many companies will be able to offer an assessment service to help you. A chair lift is, therefore, a fantastic way of ensuring everybody has full mobility within your building.