There are a great number of people who are suffering from mobility problems and are not capable of using stairs. If, unfortunately, you are among those people and have to depend on others to go up and down stairs, then there is a good option for you to become self-dependent in this case – stair glide, a mechanical device for lifting people wheelchairs up and down stairs.

If you are in the market to buy a stair glide, which is also called stair lift, you have a choice between purchasing a battery-powered stair glide and an AC-powered model. Purchasing an AC-powered model will offer several advantages over battery-powered model, some of which are as mentioned below:

Uninterrupted use of stair glide:

As AC-powered model is directly linked to your house’s main power line, you will not have to worry that your stair glide can run out of power, unless you area suffers a power outage.

No charging battery packs:

Users of battery-powered stair glides have to charge the batteries constantly as they worry the batteries can run out of power if they use their stair glides frequently. But, there is no such worry when you use an AC-powered stair glide.

AC-powered models are typically cheaper:

The cost of stair glides varies from model to model and vendor to vendor, AC-powered stair glides cost typically less than their battery-run equivalent versions.

Thus, an AC-powered stair glide is smart as well as economical way for people with mobility problems to become self-sufficient.