Here you will find some important information on Bruno Stair Lift.

If members of your family are finding the stairs more and more difficult to climb, you may begin to worry for their safety, especially if they are living alone. Rather than looking to employ care for your relative; which can be an unnecessary step and would hamper their independence, you can look to install a quality stair lift to allow your relatives to maintain their independence and allow you peace of mind that they are safe. Obviously, you will want to explore the market to find the best product for you, but as one of the top manufacturers of mobility products in North America, a Bruno stair lift is likely to be just what you are looking for.

A Bruno stair lift can be fitted to any stair case, as Bruno offer; aside from simple straight rail designs, perfectly designed curved rails that are made to the specifications of your stair case, ensuring your Bruno stair lift fits exactly along which ever side of the stair case you wish whilst preventing any obstruction to the stair way itself. Bruno also design stair lifts for use outdoors, and the outdoor Bruno stair lift is the only outside model on the market that can carry up to 400lbs, making them perfect for use going into and out of the house with things like groceries.

A Bruno stair lift offers a number of features which are intended to ensure the ride is as comfortable as possible. All stair lifts are powered by batteries keeping the ride quiet and smooth, as well as ensuring it can be used in power shortages. The seats are fully adjustable and have a power assisted swivel system when parked which means getting on and off of a Bruno stair lift is effortless for everyone.

The high standards and levels of innovation that are assured with a Bruno stair lift make them a fantastic addition to your home and will allow your family to use the stairs safely and in style.

About Bruno Stairlifts

Bruno manufactures straight rail, curved and outdoor stair lifts. Bruno’s straight rail lifts include the Elan and the Elite models. The Elite model is a top quality lift with styling and comfort for buyers that want one of the best. This lift is streamlined with an ultra-compact design and built for comfort. The seat comes well padded with adjustable arm rests for additional widths. The height of the seat can also be adjusted making the lift customized for your needs. The Elite is also available with optional power swivel seat, power folding footrest and manual or power folding rails to clear obstructions.

Bruno Elan Stair Lift

The Elan has many of the features of top quality lifts with a with price for budget minded customers. This lift has a standard rack an pinion drive. The rail is vertical and runs close to the wall concealing the gear rack, allowing for a clean look. The Elan has a standard 300lb capacity with a large padded seat and a generous width of 20″ between the armrests. Smooth quiet ride with rack and pinion drive. The 16′ Anodized aluminum rail hides all mechanical components. Rail stands vertically and mounts 3″ off the wall for a slim design. Seat, armrests and footrest all fold up to only take 12″ of space. Swivel seat for safe and comfortable exit at the top of the stairs. 2 wireless remotes to call and send the stair lift.