One of the leading suppliers and installers of mobility support products, Bison stair lifts are designed to focus as much as possible on rider comfort.

After twenty years in the mobility industry, Bison have developed a reputation for sturdy and reliable stair lifts produced using high quality materials. As such, Bison stair lifts may cost a little more than average. Taking into consideration the additional comfort and peace of mind that comes from the quality, though, makes the additional cost well worth it.

Product Range

Bison stair lifts offer three different product ranges which each suit a different location. The Bison 50 is intended for use indoors on a straight stair case, the Bison 80 is for various types of curved stair case and the Bison Outdoor Stairlift is for use outdoors. The Bison stair lifts range, therefore, covers any possible stair case need and makes them the ideal manufacturer to go to for more difficult projects.

Each range offers various features to ensure that the Bison stair lift of your choice fits easily into your home and provides the upmost comfort for its passengers. All stair lifts come with a feature which will automatically fold up the stair lift into a compact size once vacated. Each model also comes with a perch option, which allows those with difficulties in bending their knees to simply stand upon a platform and rest against a cushioned back. Bison stair lifts are also made so they rest very close to the floor, making getting on and off as easy as physically possible.

Bison stair lifts also feature a number of safety options such as seat belts and obstruction sensors which will stop the stair lift if blocked. They are run using battery power which means there is no cable to cause a safety hazard, as well as ensuring you can use your Bison stair lift even in power shortages.

Bison stair lifts have developed an exceptional reputation for good quality products. They offer a versatile range of safe and comfortable products and should be a strong consideration when looking to install a stair lift into your home.