When considering an adjustable bed many people only see the advantage of being able to raise the user into a sitting position. However a good quality adjustable bed offers many other benefits to improve comfort and aid restful sleep.

Next time you are in bed lay flat on your back and you will notice that the weight of your body is actually focused on only specific areas such as the shoulders, buttocks and your lower legs and this is because the body is effectively an s-shape. Other areas of your body carry very little weight and you can prove this by passing you hand gentle underneath your lower back and behind your knees without restriction. The areas that touch the bed are often referred to as stress points and this is often the cause of pain and discomfort for those with medical conditions such as arthritis and long term back pain.

A good quality foam mattress may help, but a fully adjustable bed that allows your torso and leg positions to be moved independently can make a huge improvement to your sleeping position.

As the bed ‘’rises’’ the mattress actually moulds to one’s body effectively distributing the weight evenly along its length. It is well worth a demonstration as you can feel the benefit almost immediately. Once a comfortable position is achieved on you back you can turn on your side and remain fully supported.
The option to raise yourself into a sitting position helps those with mobility problems when reading or watching television as well as allowing many people get in and out bed unaided.  Many users with respiratory illnesses can find sleeping with their heads slight raised makes breathing easier and an adjustable bed can provide better support than using pillows alone.

Many users also report that the adjustability allows better circulation and they feel much warmer as a result. The choice of a foam mattress will also improve the insulation around your body, however some people can find this a little too warm.

Some higher specification adjustable beds also come with a massage function to aid relaxation and ease joint stiffness. Most beds which offer this facility allow you to adjust the intensity of the vibration to suit your own preferences. This can range from a light tingling sensation through to a more intense deep massage.

All functions are operated with the use of a user friendly remote control unit, normally connected to the bed by a short lead. You may also have the option to save your favourite positions in the control unit’s memory with a touch of a button.