An adjustable bed is a necessity for people with certain physical ailments. Through adjustable beds, they can sleep in a specific position. The reasons why you would want to do this are innumerable.

A person in a cast might want to elevate their limb to ensure it sets properly. Another individual suffering with back pain might want to elevate their upper body. Even snorers can use adjustable beds to maintain better breathing. The possibilities are endless, which is why these beds are becoming more popular. And it is not hard to understand why.

The technology used in these beds resembles what is used in most hospital wards. However, when you get an adjustable mattress for home use, you usually have more options.

The range of adjustment is greater, and you have the ability to add heat or get a massage. This makes the adjustable bed mattress a good choice for virtually every person, regardless of whether or not they are suffering with a particular condition. Still, with many of these beds costing $1,000 or more, it is important to understand some of the other benefits one will gain when getting an adjustable bed mattress.

The Adjustable Bed Helps Relieve Back Pain

Approximately half of the population will experience back pain. It does not matter how old someone is or whether or not they are active. While some people are more prone to back pain than others, sometimes sleeping the wrong way can initiate a cramp. An adjustable bed eliminates these problems, because you are always sleeping in a comfortable position. This is particularly important for those who toss and turn at night.

On a traditional mattress, they could start off in a comfortable position, but end up in another; one that puts their back at risk for strain. The adjustable bed’s unique design ensures you stay in the correct position for the rest of the night.

Such a feature can also be beneficial for people who are already suffering. Whether you have a minor ache, or even a broken back, these wondrous beds will allow you to recuperate with perfect comfort. Combine this with other aids, (like stair lifts, casts or bandages), and your back will heal much faster.

Additional Advantages

The adjustable mattress has another unique advantage. Few people know that these beds have the ability to mold themselves according to one’s body type. As a result, sleepers maintain a proper position throughout their whole body, not just their back. This results in a myriad of health benefits.

In the lower body, the legs become less susceptible to swelling. Internally, the sleeping position helps prevent heartburn, (especially if a person ate shortly before going to bed). Also, there are the psychological effects. When you sleep on an adjustable bed, you feel at peace.

The soft, well-cushioned mattress creates a pleasurable sensation. With a hard, springy mattress, you feel like you are lying on the floor. With an adjustable mattress, you feel as if you are sleeping on a bed of pillows. And if you can get a king or queen adjustable bed, your spouse can feel the same way.

The Selection

When you shop for adjustable beds, there are a range of terms to look out for. First, know that the “adjustable bed” could be interchanged with “hospital bed,” “electrical bed” or “electrical adjustable bed.” These all refer to the same type of mattress; one that moves up and down through the use of a remote control. The beds can also be scrunched inward, to create more elevation for the feet. Either way, the adjustment itself is very simple, and can be done without assistance.

In addition, the adjustable bed comes in a variety of sizes. The largest is the king adjustable bed, and it comes in two different designs. It can be designed with one large mattress, or it can be designed with two separate mattresses. The latter is the best option if couples want individual control over their side of the bed. With a single mattress design, both persons would have to maintain the same position. The same is also the case with a queen adjustable bed, which can also hold two people.

Beds smaller than king or queen can only hold one person, which makes multiple adjustment an irrelevant concern. However, even still, customers might want customized features on their bed. Perhaps they want a fancy headboard, or maybe even a smaller bed for a child. All of this is possible if they get a custom manufacturer to design their bed. True, they will pay more money for their mattress, but in exchange they can create a bed that is specially tailored for their situation. With store-bought adjustable beds, you do not have such options. But if customization is not important, store-bought beds will get you what you need at a more affordable price.