Steeton based Acorn, a Stair lift manufacturing company, has seen some great figures for the past year. With the rise in the population, the need for Stair lifts seems to be increasing constantly. Statistics show that the company recorded an increase in its sales by almost 23 percent and its turnover increased by 22.4 percent on a year on year basis.

The sales director of the company believes that the reason behind the increase is due to the trend in the ageing factor and the rise of wealthy older customers. He referred to a broadcast on BBC which showed the ageing trend and their attitude towards it. Though the company is seeing good sales, it also sees how the people are resisting change of the factor.

Most of their customers admit to the fact that they should have purchased the Stair lift quite earlier, as with its use, they feel more independent. The BBC documentaries gave them an insight into the perception of the older generation. Since Stair lifts can be installed within a day, people should accept the help of the device instead of holding on to older notions. With the use of these devices, customers have the sense of freedom among other things as well.