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Quality Mobility Aids & Products to Give You Optimal Independence & Enhance Life.

Home Care Stock provides quality home care products & mobility aids for seniors and those with mobility issues. We do not directly sell products listed on our site but link to online deals from reputable dealers and websites to get the best mobility products and take control of your life.

We are dedicated to helping seniors and the disabled choose from our selection of mobility products so they can function everyday and gain independence with more ease & comfort.

Home Care Stock provides a wide variety of high-quality mobility products which include canes, wheelchairs, lift chairs, rollators, stair lifts, power chairs, mobility scooters and other mobility equipment.

Whether for yourself or a loved one, our aim is to provide the right solutions to overcome any obstacles due to your disability.

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How to Treat Acute Osteoarthritis

At first, the joint pain seems manageable. In fact, a sore joint may be attributed to some recent activity and dismissed with a pain killer from the medicine cabinet.

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Are Adjustable Beds Comfortable?

There are many medical conditions that make the person bedridden and then require them to sleep in specific positions. Adjustable beds cater to such medical conditions when special beds are needed to sleep in certain specific positions as these beds can be adjusted to the person’s requirement.

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6 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Safer

The fact is that most boomers want to age in place but few have a plan. However, there a ways to make your House a Home for a lifetime and steps you can take that will allow you to successfully Age In Place.

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What Are The Possible Causes For Tingling In Left Arm?

Tingling In Left Arm – In general, tingling in the arm is a condition called paresthesias. The person may experience different sensations such as tingling, pins and needles, numbness, burning, or a prickling sensation. There are several possible causes for tingling in left arm.

  • How To Get Fit And Healthy In A Wheelchair

How To Get Fit And Healthy In A Wheelchair

Are you a person in a wheelchair who thinks that there ought to be more information aimed towards getting disabled people fit and healthy? Daily life is challenging enough as it is, but instead of making your life more complicated, a creative and effective exercise routine can help make life more enjoyable! It can give you more energy and make daily activities easier to perform.

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